The history of skateboarding

So why the confusion? In the early s skateparks hadn't been invented yet, so skateboarders would flock and skateboard in such urban places as The Escondido reservoir in San Diego, California.

Skateboarding History

The focus was initially on vert ramp skateboarding. Companies experiment making skateboard decks, using everything from wood to aluminum.

It was at that time when two skateboarders by the names of Natas Kaupas and Mike Vallely that came onto the skateboard scene and pushed street skateboarding even further. In the early 90s skateboarding starts to rise again as it finds some common ground with the emerging punk music.


Another popular trick was the Bertlemann slide, named after Larry Bertelemann's surfing manoeuvres. With the advent of many concrete skateparks being built around the country, the Concrete Challenge series kick off in Colorado in the towns of Breckenridge and Salida.

Transportation The use of skateboards solely as a form of transportation is often associated with the longboard. No one knows for sure but it will be fun to watch it grow. Gameplay[ edit ] Springfield has been converted into a skate park for the Annual Skate Tour, full with skate-able objects and landmarks from the television series.

You're not my disciple. Skateboarder in Grants PassOregon The first skateboards started with wooden boxes, or boards, with roller skate wheels attached to the bottom. This brings us to today.

Then in for some reason Skateboarding seems to simply die.


One of the big factors today that makes skateboarding so huge is the fact that pros make real money. As more and more skaters are coming from around the world to the United States to get a piece of the American Pie. Many women use their participation in skate crews to perform an alternative form of femininity.

Controversy Skateboarding damages urban terrain features such as curbs, benches, and ledges when skateboarders perform "grinds" and other tricks on these surfaces.

There were no mention of a console in the advertisement and no gameplay details were revealed.

The Evolution Of Skateboarding – A History From Sidewalk Surfing To Superstardom

No one knows who made the first board; it seems that several people came up with similar ideas at around the same time. Don Bostick travels to Hu Zhou, China for the China Open, where he ran a judging clinic and spoke about the history of action sports.

The first skate contest is put on in Hermosa Beach, California, in Inskateboarding was transformed by the invention of the ollie by Alan "Ollie" Gelfand. The shop owner, Bill Richard, made a deal with the Chicago Roller Skate Company to produce sets of skate wheels, which they attached to square wooden boards.History of Graphic Design, Graphic Designers, Art and Design Movements, Motion Graphics, Typography, Color, Design, graphic, Design, Reference, Referenced, A collection of information intended to be used as a primer and a reference tool in relation to the history of graphic design.

s & s. Skateboarding continues to grow as the anti-establishment subculture that we all know it as.

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Skateboarders had become hell bent on progressing their passion for the sport so they started building there own ramps in their backyards.

Learn how skateboarding started and developed over the years with a big help from surfers, the Z-Boys and the Bones Brigade on our History of Skateboarding page.

SinceOmni Boards has sponsored many skaters. Our team list reads like a who's who of Australian skateboarding history.


Team riders have come and gone over the past 25 years. Watch the Dew Tour live webcast with real-time scoring and catch all the action for the Pro Competition, Am Competition and Team Challenge! WoodWard Skatecamp Scholarship Program.

The Skatepark of Baltimore is rolling out our first annual skate camp scholarship program. This year we are working to find 4 deserving skateboarding youth from Baltimore to send on a week-long, fully-paid trip to Camp Woodward PA and 10 youth to send to Vu Skatecamp in Baltimore.

The history of skateboarding
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