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Marketing Theories – PESTEL Analysis

Nestle is already using the state of the art technology for the production of various products, they are meeting the global standards by installing the contemporary plants. Beverage companies can be made a part of numerous legal allegations. It is clear from the list above that political factors often have an impact on organisations and how they do business.

Understanding PESTEL Analysis with Examples

Nestle has been one of the biggest companies of the world in terms of revenue and other measures. The customer service department will use communication technology to talk to customers but will also have access to internal systems, such as technology to simplify credit control and stock control for example.

Social Factors Also known as socio-cultural factors, are the areas that involve the shared belief and attitudes of the population. Marketing pestel can include — government policy, political stability or instability in overseas markets, foreign trade policy, tax policy, labour law, environmental law, trade restrictions and so on.

Albeit nestle is such an organization which in real sense promote the government health policies by maintain the quality standards and rules and regulations. How is distribution changed by new technologies e. Factors could include changes in digital or mobile technology, automation, research and development.

Economic conditions play the most important role in influencing a business. Lets look at each of these macro-environmental factors in turn. In a more general sense consider influences such as the increase in life expectation of Western consumers, and demographics which is the study of populations.

What is the dominant religion? When political decisions result in legislation which is not favourable to a particular company they may sometimes use astroturfing techniques in an attempt to put pressure on the government to change its mind.

What is a PESTEL analysis?

Factors such as product testing and quality assurance should be kept in mind to prevent legal matters. Depending on the organisation, it can be reduced to PEST or some areas can be added i. Political factors do cross over with legal factors; however, the key difference is that political factors are led by government policy, whereas legal factors must be complied with.

Organisations need to be able to respond to the current and anticipated future legislation, and adjust their marketing policy accordingly. Our manufacturing operations will use technology to produce goods and services. These factors greatly influence areas such as the minimum efficient production level, quality, costs and even outsourcing decisions.

Factors include climate, recycling procedures, carbon footprint, waste disposal and sustainability Legal Factors: Technological Factors Technology gives many opportunities for the development of new products or improvement of existing ones.

These factors impact on the economy and its performance, which in turn directly impacts on the organisation and its profitability. These determine the extent to which government and government policy may impact on an organisation or a specific industry.PESTLE analysis provides a vast study of the external and internal factors that pose a challenge to firms marketing strategy.

PESTLE analysis works on the contingency plan a firm can implement to be successful, plus it points out the possible issues a firm can face when entering a new market.

PESTLE Analysis

We rate PEST or PESTLE analysis as one of the top 20 marketing models which we feature in our digital marketing models guide. In this article we will explain how to complete a PESTLE analysis covering each of the parts using an example of applying the analysis. Recommended Guide: Essential.

The pestle analysis of entire business environment of Nestle will give the hints to improve the operations on right time, at right place with right direction. Pestle analysis can give more result oriented opportunities to Nestle for the future business growth along with sustainable profits.

PESTLE Analysis

Economic Factors. The economic environment is a direct influence on all businesses.

What is a PESTEL analysis?

Obviously if you are studying marketing there is a huge element of economics within the topic itself, and you should be no stranger to the principles of economics.

A PESTEL analysis is a framework or tool used by marketers to analyse and monitor the macro-environmental (external marketing environment) factors that have an impact on an organisation. The result of which is used to identify threats and weaknesses which is used in a SWOT analysis.

In marketing, before any kind of strategy or tactical plan can be implemented, it is fundamental to conduct a situational analysis. And the PESTEL forms part of that and should be repeated at regular stages (6 monthly minimum) to identify changes in the macro environment.

Marketing pestel
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