Increasing crime among youth

And even after getting placed, the comparison in relation to the pay received, causes all the more pain. Its not only help them to earn money; they can have experience of working, sharpen the skills and build self-confidence.

Is that what we want? Sometimes,when a kid expose to violence and crime in their childhood life can lead to their criminal behavior in later life. Use present perfect for something that started in the past and is still going on now.

Something has to be done to cripple it. Is this what we have been reduced to?

Crime in India

A survey shows that by the age 18 the average kids will have watched more thanacts of violence on television programmes. The government as well as parents are trying to find solutions for this international problem.

Youth suicide

For fulfilling their desire they take the shortest and the quickest route visible to them, that of crime. Essay on reasons for increasing crime among youth in India For many reasons they turn to violence and crime, either to get lost in the big bad worlds, to enjoy the animalistic pleasure that the power of fear and crime brings or they decide to take it upon themselves to bring the justice to the wrongs done to them.

Many people believe that, wisely chosen punishment is the best way to control the number of crimes in society. The upbringing, lack of time provided to youngsters has led to most of the youngsters to be drawn towards the wrong path.

But the scariest statistic is that for every successful suicide there are almost 14 unsuccessful attempts. Gay teens or those unsure of their sexual identity are more likely to commit suicide, particularly if they have suffered bullying or harassment, as discussed next.

Perhaps,instead of focusing on the results and punishments of youth crime;everyone should be concentrating on causes and solutions to youth crime? Resulting corrupted community for the future and fails to produce productive young people in the country.

From the very young age, their minds are trained in the ways of a criminal.

Crime among the Youth: an Alarming state of Nation

Anger, frustration, aggression, deprivation, inferiority complex, and these psychological problems push the youth to the wrong path of the crime.

Female infanticide killing of girl infants is still prevalent in some rural areas. Youths have to feel a part of their community. Of course, this will include the children in the poorer families. Moreover, children are not getting social and emotional knowledge at their schools.

We are forever drawing comparisons between our children and the others and this is just leading to a unsustainable situation. It suppose to be,parents who teach disciplines,good behaviours and attitudes to the kids. Inalmost children below the age of 14 committed suicide.Crime in youth is not a small problem and shouldn’t be ignored or taken lightly.

Neglecting a big problem like this could bring a nation to its knees and finally into the dark pitch of downfall. Tags: youth crime essay, essay on crime among youth, Reasons of increasing crime in youth, rising crime among the youth. Read Also: Essay on reasons for increasing crime among youth.


Youth suicide

As the saying goes, money is the root of all evil. Being out of work is a terrible predicament, and even more so in a country such as India, where the majority of the population struggles to make ends meet and there is barely any government.

Increasing Crimes Among Youth In India. The Rise In Youth Suicide The following is a summary of "Explaining the Rise in Youth Suicide", by David M. Cutler, Edward Glaeser, Karen Norberg. This article is the best we have found for comparing suicide theories to what the data actually says.

SOURCE: National Crime Records Bureau.

Essay on reasons for increasing crime among youth

Crime by location. Location has a significant impact on crime in India.

Reasons for an Increase Crime Among Young People

InKerala reported the highest cognisable crime rate of among States of India, while Nagaland recorded lowest rates (). The rates were calculated by National Crime Records Bureau as the number of incidents perof the population. Crime,which drastically increasing among kaleiseminari.coming corrupted community for the future and fails to produce productive young people in the proper awareness provided to stop crimes among young people and encourage them to behave more.

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Increasing crime among youth
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