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Also during the late s and early s, CRT monitors over the aisles were added to the fleet, making Delta air the first narrowbody aircraft to feature video entertainment.

Print a copy or take a screenshot of this page for your records. You will not be charged. Alcoholic beverages are also available for purchase. It is one of only two airlines worldwide operating the Boeing ER the other being United Airlinesand the only airline still operating the MD in the world.

These were installed in some Delta aircraft. Delta Sky Magazine[ edit ]. Boeing ERLRalong with and A aircraft that have completed cabin modifications, feature the Panasonic eX2 system.

Watch for a confirmation email. Fleet expansion with used aircraft[ edit ] Between andDelta purchased and refurbished 49 used MDs, bringing its MD fleet to 65 aircraft. A few of its Boeing aircraft are used on long and thin flights to Europe.

Gogo was initially offered on Delta's fleet of McDonnell Douglas MD and MD aircraft but has expanded to the remaining domestic fleet, as well as Delta Connection aircraft with a first class cabin.

Delta has one of the oldest fleets of any American airline, with an average fleet age of The suites will roll out on the Airbus A fleet, first delivered in Delta airfollowed by installation within the Boeing fleet.

Delta is currently installing wifi on the fleet. The previous seats on the international fleet have been placed on select domestic aircraft, mainly ones flying between Hawaii and the U.

Delta (DL)

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Gogo was initially offered on Delta's fleet of McDonnell Douglas Delta air and MD aircraft but has expanded to the remaining domestic fleet, as well as Delta Connection aircraft with a first class cabin. Some Boeing sas well as all Boeing —s feature systems with drop-down LCD displays below the overhead bins.

Beginning in mid-March the airline planned to stop providing pillows on flights within the 48 contiguous U. Sorry for the inconvenience. When Delta ordered Boeing ERs init negotiated the right to substitute them for the Boeing orders on a dollar-for-dollar basis. On these aircraft, AVOD is available only in the Delta One class, while the system includes overhead LCD monitors and audio programming for passengers seated in the Economy cabin.

Passengers also receive complimentary chef-curated meals, refreshments, alcoholic beverages, a Tumi Inc. Its youngest aircraft types are the A, A and Boeing ER, which have an average age of 1.

Seats range from Availability and exact details vary by route and aircraft type. If you use an email whitelist, ensure delta allclearid. In addition, Delta ordered Aneo aircraft to replace its aging s and MDs. With this order Delta became the launch customer for the enhanced ton maximum takeoff weight A, [19] which is slightly more fuel-efficient and thus has greater payload capacity and range.

These used aircraft were primarily intended to replace inefficient seat regional jets flown by Delta Connection and some older DC-9s.

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Some early wide-bodied aircraft, including the Lockheed LBoeingand fleet, had movies projected on to the cabin bulkhead. These were installed in some Delta aircraft. Print We experienced an error processing your information. First Class passengers are also eligible for priority boarding.

The Boeing ER and Boeing ER seats, designed by James Thompsonfeature a space-saving design whereby the seats are staggered such that when in the fully flat position, the foot of each bed extends under the armrests of the seat in front of it.

Please contact our customer support agent at I also agree that my services will be canceled if I am not eligible. On August 1,Delta announced they would begin to retire their aging Boeing fleet, which Delta acquired as part of the Northwest merger.

The following identity protection services start on April 7, and you can use them at any time during the next 24 months: Availability and exact details vary by route and aircraft type. Delta primarily uses its narrow-body aircraft for domestic flights within the United States and for international flights from the United States to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

The system featured overhead drop-down LCD monitors similar to Delta's non-Transcon s and s. You will not be charged.Get Delta Air Lines Inc (DAL:NYSE) real-time stock quotes, news and financial information from CNBC.

Delta Air Lines began as a crop dusting operation called Huff Daland Dusters, Incorporated. The company was founded on May 30,in Macon, Georgia, and moved to Monroe, Louisiana, in Whether it is a one-way, return trip, or a multi-way flight, Delta Airlines flights is one of the most reliable ways that will ensure you to book the cheapest flights to your destination.

Airline Overview. Founded inDelta Air Lines (DL) is one of the world's oldest operating airlines. It operates 13 hubs worldwide, the largest of which is located at. Ten years ago this week, Delta’s merger with Northwest Airlines was approved. The merger created the foundation for what we know today as Delta Air Lines - an airline powered by Account Status: Verified.

Nov 18,  · One of the oldest and largest airlines, Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines (DL) operates non-stop flights to more than destinations in 64 countries and six continents.

Delta air
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