Chilean copper mine collapse report

2010 Copiapó mining accident

Pedro Cortez emerges smiling from Chilean mine, the 31st man freed. El Nino holds it's initial 70 percent interest in Research Permits No. Just four miners to come out now, and the next man up has quite a story to tell. Thanks in part to rapid growth in India and China, worldwide copper demand is at an all-time high.

That is carved in stone; it is one of the commandments in the life of a miner. Please take good care of yourself and have some rest with your people. Plan B involved a Schramm Inc. Villa's father and grandfather were both miners. This scenario fits the geologic model of mineralization we are looking for.

But let's not forget about the six rescue workers. The victory of Chile in the War of the Pacific allowed its expansion into new territories.

Mr Urzua, 54, known respectfully as Don Lucho by the miners, kept them going for those awful first 17 days, when no one up above even knew they had survived. And anyone who would have you believe that you could one day stop using copper altogether in lieu of aluminum should consider this one fact: Bulletin boards sprouted up and the local government established shuttle bus stops.

Franklin Lobos, 53, is a former local league footballer. The whole country is watching you. He was trapped along with his younger brother Renan.


After a second collapse on 7 August, rescuers were forced to use heavy machinery while trying to gain access via a ventilation shaft. Mr Lobos's football connections served him well in the mine.

While strong activity in the extractive sectors has supported firm growth, the long-delayed elections have led to a tense business environment and a slowdown in overall activity. The T became operational on 5 September and worked in three stages.Live coverage as the attempted rescue of the 33 trapped miners gets under way at the San Jose mine near Copiapo, Chile.

Nova Scotia Overview: Chilean Metals Inc. (“CMX” or the “Company”) is a Canadian Public resource company focused on the advanced exploration and development of Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold (“IOCG”) deposits in central Nova Scotia, Canada.

The amazing story of the trapped Chilean miners and their incredible rescue that Publishers Weekly calls “a riveting, in-depth recounting of the events that held the world rapt.” In early Augustthe unthinkable happened when a mine collapsed in Copiapó, Chile, trapping thirty-three miners 2, feet below the surface.

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Chilean copper mine collapse report
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