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It also promotes by conducting contests, giving out coupons and giveaways on a regular basis. The brand has a strong presence all across the world through grocery stores, supermarkets and more. Place With a headquarter in Tashkent and a production cite in Namangan, Nestle Pure Life is present in all twelve regions of Uzbekistan.

Aquafina is very selective when it comes to pricing its product. Product Nestle Pure Life Products Nestle Water developed a good product mix, which covered wider areas of drinking market.

If bottled water is available in a store, consumers are less likely to look at the brand as there in hardly any differentiation in this product segment.

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The company responded to the changes in the consumer tastes by stopping the production of flavored water and introducing the Still water at greater volume. Place With a headquarter in Tashkent and a production cite in Namangan, Nestle Pure Life is present in all twelve regions of Uzbekistan.

Nonetheless, despite these highly positive explanations, one tiny suggestion could make the product even more appealing to the wider public. Another smart strategy that the company uses for Aquafina is that it makes the product available in various food chains and fast food joints as the probability that consumers will buy a bottle of water along with their food is quite high.

Aquafina Marketing Mix

It uses Deep Well water sources famous for its cleanliness. Looking back, Evian did things that Fiji Water is doing now — becoming successful with its marketing, storytelling and distribution strategies.

Aquafina also differentiates itself from other brands through its affiliation with PepsiCo and its special purification technology that it uses to get rid of all the natural minerals in the water and give it a mellow taste.

Furthermore, PepsiCo uses public relations through financial assistance and sponsorships, such as in sports events. Uzbekistan Nestle Pure Life is headquartered in Tashkent, the capital city, with the production cite in Namangan.

Here is a gist of points that we covered about the 4 different quadrants of the BCG Matrix. It is possible, more than probable, that Nestle Water could benefit highly with the implementation of my suggestions. They require less cash investment and generate more cash than required.

The 1 and 2litre bottles are used by individual consumers. The brand has come out with innovative new products such as flavored water, sparkling water and an Eco-Fina bottle which uses 50 percent less plastic than its regular bottle.

As there is no differentiation in the bottled water market as far as the product is concerned, the competing factor becomes the price. E — Engage with agricultural suppliers to promote water conservation. This strategy helps improve the overall sales of the brand. We did need to refill the bottle once at the campsite and it easily fit under the spigot.

Besides merely ensuring a steady stream of distribution to restaurants, hotels, resorts and high-end supermarkets, having a strong presence in and leveraging on the health, beauty and wellness trends e.

Aquafina is a packaged bottled water brand belonging to PepsiCo, headquartered in New York. Aquafina makes use of various conventional and traditional techniques to promote its product. Approaches used to set prices are analyzed in this element of the marketing mix.

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Nestle Water, the primary focus of this report, became a leading global player on the bottled water market after the acquisition of the Source Perrier SA Group in All over the world they have multiple middle-men and distributors that make sure that the common man has easy access to their product.

Cash Cows Cash cows are those business products which are a significant source of income for a business entity and generate enough sales to obtain a significant market share in the local or global industry.

In the following sections, each of the marketing mix will be discussed. In Uzbekistan, Nestle Water launched Nestle Pure Life in and since then has strengthened its presence in the area. Question Mark Products in high growth markets with a low market share.

Most businesses start as Question marks These business units or products require high capital investment They can either become Stars and then Cashcows or and turn in Dogs as well Dogs: Cash Cows These are the products which are in low growth markets with high market share.

Fiji Water – The Exotic Water Brand

Nestle Pure Life is not present in all areas of Uzbekistan. Given the low level of involvement of customers in selecting water, customers would be willing to try out newer and more exciting brands as and when they come up.

Aquafina has made sure that it has a strong distribution network so that its product is easily available because for a product like bottled drinking water, the most important factor that consumers look at is availability.Aug 17,  · Dear Mr M W, Thank you very much for visiting Pizza 4P's.

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Should you have concerns about still or stilled water, the lower section of the bottle is designed to carry little capsules, which dissolved in the harvested water, iniciate a process of re-mineralization.

The Atlantic GPHT5L/4P UV Lamp is a germicidal lamp with a special UV transmitting glass. The best use of this lamp is with sterilizers or air and water purifiers. This UV is used in many applications like ponds, aquariums, and even spectrophotometer detectors.

Bottled Water (A) Assuming that you are from the agency, prepare a tentative marketing research proposal with the following; marketing decision problem, research problem, Research plan, The marketing mix also known as the 4Ps of marketing (product, place, price, and promotion).

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Bottled water 4ps
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