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The chorus tells Kreon that he can enact such laws and condemn people to death because he is the ruler, but it does not tell him that he is right. In this highly anticipated third edition, Mark Griffith and Glenn W. It also presents the conflict between secular law and divine law.

Tragic Heroism and the Limits of Knowledge. But, make sure you get a good translation! That said, because he is looser with the translation, some ideas might be lost.

Their incisive reflections interrogate the texts in original and thought-provoking ways, particularly in regard to their political elements. The issues in this play remain relevant today, and are powerfully argued by Sophocles' characters.

When Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus, chooses to obey the law of the gods rather than an unconscionable command from Creon, ruler In his long life, Sophocles born ca.

It was published by Nick Hern Books and has a total of 96 pages in the book. For anyone with tracking issues during reading, this would be a nightmare. Braun refers frequently to other studies on Sophocles, but his observations, particularly on the problem of knowledge in the play, are fresh and largely his own.

The fact that the "burial" of Antigone paperback brother consists of the token gesture of throwing dirt upon his face, only serves to underscore the ambiguity of the situation Sophocles is developing since it essentially gives Kreon an out and a way of saving face.

The introductory note is interesting, informative, and opens a door of endless possibilities as far as coming up with theatre projects incorporating blocking, costume, lighting, sound, and stage design.

Certainly students are better able to identify with Antigone and her story than most of the tragic heroes and their unhappy fates. It has a very tragic tone and the suspense is exceptionally effective.

Under the expert management of eminent classicists David Grene and Richmond Lattimore, those translations combined accuracy, poetic immediacy, and clarity of presentation to render the surviving masterpieces of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides in an English so lively and compelling that they remain the standard translations.

Echoing through western culture for more than two millennia, Sophocles' Antigone has been a touchstone of thinking about human conflict and human tragedy, the role of the divine in human life, and the degree to which men and women are the creators of their own destiny.

The choral odes, so vital to Sophocles' purpose, have never been rendered with finer energy and insight. The use of dialogue is genius and the characters are amazingly well developed in this short play.

Practically unreadable the English is so convoluted. Clearly this is a question which has perplexed the ages, and this is one reason why this play is still so important today.

The personal, family morality requires her to do her duty; political responsibility requires Creon to impose an exemplary punishment on the one who betrayed his city for whatever reason.

Sophocles: Plays: Antigone

Mazza on Oct 23, "Antigone," the drama by Sophocles, has been published as part of the Dover Thrift Edition series. It's so colloquial it makes me gag. Polyninces has been a traitor to the State and deserves to be punished.

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The late Charles Segal was Walter C. An Interpretation of Sophocles, and Oedipus Tyrannus: As a result, she is condemned to death. Across more than two thousand years, a great dark music sounds for us. As part of the Greek Tragedy in New Translations series which seeks to bring the touch of the poet to the translation, this particular version is by Reginald Gibbons and Charles Segal.

Oedipus, the former ruler of Thebes, has died. Language is used precisely, but not to the point where it's barely in English. For example, should a man break a temporal law if it compromises his religious or moral beliefs?

The Theban Plays

The story of Antigone is a tale of what makes us who we are and following it even if it conflicts with what society deems as forbidden. Etheocles defends Thebes while Polynices attacks it at the siege.

The perfect edition for those studying The Antigone! In the preface, notes to the plays, and introductions, Ahrensdorf and Pangle supply critical historical, mythic, and linguistic background information, and highlight the moral, religious, political, philosophic, and psychological questions at the heart of each of the plays.

Antigone, sister of Polynices, defies Creon's order and buries her brother, claiming that she honors first the laws of the gods. Very accessible, but the modernization of the language is just so extreme as to make it almost laughable.

An introductory note states that the play was first performed in the s BCE. A Methuen Student Edition. I finished this book before my professor asked the class to open it. This edition received some good write-ups, but I wasn't able to do a direct passage-to-passage comparison.Crofts Classics: Oedipus the King and Antigone 4 by Sophocles (, Paperback) See more like this Tell us what you think - opens in new window or tab Results Pagination -.

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+ Get Free Shipping on Entertainment books over $25! When Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus, chooses to obey the law of the gods rather than an unconscionable command from Creon, ruler of Thebes, she is condemned to death. Find Antigone by Sophocles et al at over 30 bookstores.

Buy, rent or sell. Antigone - Literary Touchstone Edition by Sophocles (, Paperback) New (Other) out of 5 stars - Antigone - Literary Touchstone Edition by Sophocles (, Paperback). See more like this Antigone in New York by Janusz Glowacki (Paperback, ) SPONSORED The Three Theban Plays Antigone - Oedipus the King -.

To make this quintessential Greek drama more accessible to the modern reader, the Prestwick House Literary Touchstone Classics edition of Antigone includes a glossary of difficult terms, a list of vocabulary words, and convenient sidebar notes/5(63).

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