Ambiguous terms to avoid white paper

A first-pass answer is easy enough; they believe fake news because it is presented to them via testimony, and like most of us they typically accept testimony from others, all else equal. In any case, advise parents to allow their child free expression as to choices in toy selection, game preference, friend association, future aspirations and so forth.

Furthermore, Taiwan's security is closely linked with the peace and stability of this region. Counseling must include developmental sequelae to be anticipated.

Software Requirements And The Use Of Weasel Words

Productivity tool With the internationalization of companies, and the growing importance of electronic business, most companies have to diffuse information in several languages internally as well as externally.

In short, the incrementality of the language-production process may both prevent the more effective production-based ambiguity-detection strategy from detecting ambiguous expressions before they are produced and enable that strategy to detect ambiguous expressions after they are produced.

Utterances were transcribed and coded as in Experiment 1. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 22 11— Though we sometimes bemoan it as mere tribalism, this is an exaggeration.

Here again it is up to the human translator to choose the right translation and not to the computer. To blow one's nose; d Honkee, noun. Pairwise comparisons revealed that both the linguistic and the nonlinguistic-ambiguity conditions were produced with significantly fewer homophones than the control condition [linguistic: J'ai oublie les cartes.

In the experiments, speakers were shown displays like those in Fig. It is also worth noting that in these experiments as in othersspeakers avoided nonlinguistic-ambiguity almost without fail. Diplomatically, however, Taiwan is like an "orphan in Asia. So we can say that creators of fake news intend to deceive at least a part of their overall audience, even if this deception is merely instrumental and not the ultimate goal.

Last, we believe we have to be "authorities" in providing information and advice to the best of our ability yet not be "authoritarian" in our actions.

Her research focuses on the cognitive science of morality and the social significance of moral diversity. Historically, the process of secularizing states typically involves granting religious freedom, disestablishing state religions, stopping public funds being used for a religion, freeing the legal system from religious control, freeing up the education system, tolerating citizens who change religion or abstain from religion, and allowing political leadership to come to power regardless of their religious beliefs.

Similarly, it is obviously possible to make an epistemic vice of partisanship. In the United Kingdom, the head of state is still required to take the Coronation Oath enacted inswearing to maintain the Protestant Reformed religion and to preserve the established Church of England.

This will facilitate whatever treatment is needed and assist in future research to enhance management of subsequent intersex cases. These experiments imply that it is important to distinguish nonlinguistic- and linguistic-ambiguity avoidance. A fake news story is one that purports to describe events in the real world, typically by mimicking the conventions of traditional media reportage, yet is known by its creators to be significantly false, and is transmitted with the two goals of being widely re-transmitted and of deceiving at least some of its audience.

An additional 36 quadruplets of pictures were selected for all-filler trials. Each display was tested in two conditions, which were identical except the instructions given to speakers.

Reflections on Trusting Trust by Ken Thompson sounds like it could be what you were thinking of. This is simply reasonable, given that shared partisan affiliation points to shared normative values.

Crimea Considers Blockchain Center for Anonymous Foreign Investments to Avoid Sanctions

Political parties are partly defined by common views on the normatively appropriate shape of society. Experiments 2 and 3 In Experiments 2 and 3, speakers saw displays like in Experiment 1, and we manipulated whether the dot that indicated the foil appeared before or after the dot that indicated the target.

There are some problems with this proposal, of course. Facebook will not determine veracity itself; instead it will refer frequently reported stories to independent fact-checking organizations such as Snopes. Contraception advice may be needed and safe-sex advice is always warranted.

Taiwan is situated in between conflicting international trends:WHITE PAPER The ABCs of International Trade Contracts very precise meanings, they’ll help you avoid ambiguous language in your sales agreements and reduce the risk of disagreement about who does what.

You can find out more about these terms on the Incoterms website. avoid using the ambiguous term “affirmative action” altogether, opting instead to describe a program’s specific content in their questionnaires (for example, Kravitz et al., ).

When concepts are unclear, misunderstandings can easily take root. White Paper: Translation Software What is a translation software? A translation software is a computer application that generates automatically a translation of any type of texts (letters, reports, articles, Web sites ) from a source language to a target language.

Use white or light-colored 8 1/2 x 11 paper, printed on one side only. Avoid low quality copies. Do not fold or staple. Use standard typefaces. Use a 10 to 14 point sans-serif font. Writing a Research Paper about an Ambiguous Topic (kaleiseminari.comdemia) submitted 1 year ago by ErzaFromFairyTail So this year in high school (sophomore) I'm writing my research paper on a book called "A Separate Peace" and my topic is about inevitability within the book.

Both the ambiguous male and the ambiguous female walkers were constructed using 15 white points defining the major joints of a human actor (wrists, elbows, shoulders, centre sternum, hips, middle pelvis, knees, ankles) plus three additional reference points (centre sternum, centre pelvic, and head).

Ambiguous terms to avoid white paper
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